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Vignette - For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.
Dramatis Personae


leo's birthday



<BOM> Leo's Cabin - Ascension Island

There is no mail delivery to Ascension Island, but a package has arrived some time Saturday afternoon on the front step of Leo's cabin all the same. A squat square thing in an unassuming cardboard box, L.C. written in heavy sharpie on the top. Inside there are other packages -- one tupperware wrapped in bright pink and purple foil; inside there is a tray of ube cupcakes, piped with small light puffs of coconut frosting and sprinkled with toasted coconut shavings. There is also another package, this one hard and slender and boxy, wrapped with a deep blue paper reminiscent of sunlight filtering through the ocean. Inside is a sleek new top-of-the-line Stark laptop, dark metallic blue with black and silver accents.

The card that accompanies it is scripted in an elegant brush-stroke hand, silver ink on heavy black paper; the edges carry a subtle debossing that at first looks like curling vinework but, upon closer inspection, is actually unfurling tentacles stretching the length of the card.


Were it up to me, you would be unwrapping this present out on the water, with a cooler of cold beer and surrounded by friends to enjoy them with. Gods know you have earned it and many more years of birthdays filled with people who love and celebrate you -- for all the warmth and brilliance you have to offer this world.

For now, I hope and pray this finds you, at the least, safe and well-rested. I confess that I am not very technologically-minded myself, but I have been well assured by some who know much better than I about these matters that this machine is very nearly equipped for secure communications (insofar as these things can be reliably secure, that is). Apologies that it has been opened, but there was a bit of tinkering to be done. Please take it to B before you get online for the first time and she will handle some grace notes -- your family is keen to wish you a happy birthday themselves.

On another note altogether, I have been in conversation with the administration at UC Berkeley. While our government may be quite backwards in their thinking when it comes to -- everything, really, certainly including the humanity of those living within our borders, I have had some productive conversations with the university regarding their marine biology curriculum, their accommodations for undocumented learners, the feasibility of distance learning in such a program. I realize you have a lot to consider of late, and this was perhaps presumptuous on my part.

If it interests you, though, they would be quite eager to number a Dr. Concepcion among their future alumnae.

Bonne fête,


Within the sparse walls of Leo's small cabin, the pale purple cakes and neatly-folded rippling blue paper are the brightest splashes of color to be found. He's set them aside on the floor beside where he currently sits, cross-legged and leaned up against the bed. The gracefully lettered card has been in his hand for so long that he hardly even notices when his vision has gotten too blurry to read it, its words by that point committed to heart.