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Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.
Dramatis Personae

Leo, Winona


"I'll be ready." (Set in the Blackburn Prometheus Facility.)


Blackburn Research Facility - Rec Room

The sign by the door says "Rec Room", but someone with a permanent marker bookended the first word with "W" and "k" at some point, and the subsequent effort to undo the vandalism was lackluster. Inside it is not usually that much of a wreck, though it might be more interesting if it were. One corner is dedicated to the reasonably sized flatscreen television mounted on the wall, with several rows of folding chairs arrayed before it. Another is centered around a set of tacky vinyl sofas bracketed by two bookshelves largely stocked with supermarket checkout paperbacks (about half James Patterson by volume, with Danielle Steel heavily represented, and there are at least six copies of /Fifty Shades of Gray/ at any given time). The rest of the space is more modular, but usually plays host to several card tables ringed with folding chairs, supplied by a shelf of games, from playing cards to chess (with a couple of improvised pieces) to three different flavors of Monopoly.

Leo has gotten really good at Solitaire, in his time in Prometheus. Klondike solitaire, pyramid solitaire, golf solitaire, Yukon solitaire, accordion solitaire -- insofar as you can be /good/ at some of these, anyway. He's at least very practiced at dealing. Shuffling. Dealing again. Right now in the rec room there's /Law and Order: SVU/ playing on the television, an interminable game of Monopoly happening at one of the tables, a cluster of people having an evidently passionate argument over in a back corner, and Leo, looking a little paler than he ought, a little sniffly, and studying the splay of cards in front of him with his cheek resting against his knuckles and a bowl of some barely identifiable blueberry glop leftover from earlier mealtime sitting in a bowl near at hand. By /his/ standards of Sickness the sniffling isn't much -- no visible rashes this time, no weird boils, but. It still doesn't generally stop the assumptions from working their way through the facility about what Strange Illness he might be in danger of giving them all /this/ time.

Winona's pea green scrubs do not actually match her face, but one would be forgiven for making the comparison. While her posture remains mostly (and very deliberately) the same as it usually does, it's pretty clear she is suffering from some amount of nausea. She stops a moment at the entrance of the rec room with narrowing eyes towards Leo, down at his cards, around the room to the various other activities taking place, and then back at his sniffling face. Her lips purse a moment tensely, but she stalks towards his table. "You got some kind of disease?" Her tone doesn't sound /accusatory/, exactly.

"I'm not contagious." There's a practiced readiness to Leo's reply that suggests he's given it many times before. "I have several kinds of diseases, though." He looks up from the plodding progress of his game, holding a six of spades in his hand. His brows wrinkle as he studies Winona's face, and he lays the card back down on the stack he'd just picked it up from. "You don't look so good, yourself." He's a little more hesitant before he turns a hand toward an empty chair at his table. "Would it help to sit?"

"Not contagious," Winona repeats, sounding almost disappointed. She pulls out the chair to sit down once it is offered to her, and crosses her arms over her stomach. "Been having a reaction to some 'medication', so don't worry about catching anything from me either. If you even worry about stuff like that." Her eyebrow raises sharply at this last, and she leans forward uncomfortably. "It's been a rough few days."

"I don't worry about -- that kind of thing," Leo answers with a soft -- almost surprised breath of laughter. "But I appreciate the consideration. He looks back down at the game, his lips compressing. "If you've been laid up with tests maybe you haven't heard?" His voice, already a gentle quiet thing, has lowered to a hush as he reaches for a card again. "About -- about Flicker."

For a moment, Winona doesn't react, her gaze fixated on the surface of the table. "Some kind of new story about him? Always down to hear a good Flicker story," says Winona after a couple moments, sounding interested. She looks back up at Leo with raised eyebrows, and a mirthless, strained grin starts to break out across her face. "Like a modern folk legend..."

"No." Leo leans just a little bit forward, his hand pressing down, splayed, against some of his cards. Displacing two of his neat stacks to run up into each other. "No," he says, a little more intently, "he's /here/. They brought him in a couple -- well, I don't know when they brought him in. But he's been here a couple days now. He doesn't," he says with a small regretful sigh, "have a sword. But." The look he turns down to the table is a little bit pensive. "Their team thing is /real/. And also," this is a little bit wistful, "he is very nice."

"Here?" Winona repeats in a hissed whisper, her eyes more intent on Leo. The intensity in her eyes fade, however, as more explanation is given. She tongues at at her front teeth a moment as she she thinks. "Makes sense they wouldn't let him keep his sword in here. There's people in here I want to stab on a bad day. But..." Her voice falls into a whisper again. "The team is real? Are they... will they be coming? They must be, right?"

"Here," Leo confirms with a rapid nod of his head. He glances towards the door, towards a skinny beanpole of a tow-headed guard who is surveying the room with a bored look. "There's people I want to stab on a good day," he admits. He looks down at his cards again, slowly and carefully nudging them back into their neat rows. "I... I don't know what their plans are. But they've -- they've gotten people out of so many prisons, right?" He's slowly returning to his game, a steady shuffle of cards as he speaks, calm and low. "I think we need to be ready."

A humourless chuckle escapes Winona's lips when Leo mentions his opinion on stabbing, and then her eyes shut tightly and she leans forward while another wave of nausea passes. "Yeah, and if they've gotten people out, no way they'd leave one of their own... especially a legend like..." She takes a deep breath and reopens her eyes to study Leo's shuffling, though it seems more like she is looking through the cards. The tone of steady confidence returns to her voice, hushed though it is. "I'll be ready."

"Yes. There's no way --" Leo shakes his head again. Places a five of hearts with deliberate care. "Do you think we should be doing something? I don't know what we should do. Being ready to go is one thing. But ready to -- help?" He shakes his head uncertainly. "... when I say that it /doesn't/ seem real. No. No, it's real. It's real." He says this, firmly. Then looks up at Winona. Looks over at the door guard. "Do you think ginger ale would help? I can try and ask for some."

"Ginger ale couldn't hurt," admits Winona. She shakes her head. "I don't even know how to help, but I am ready to. Do whatever is involved... beats living the rest of my days-" She waves her finger in a circle and casually looks around. "He probably knows whatever's involved, right? If the team is real, then he must know what they did. So guess we could ask him what helping even looks like."

Leo's attempt at a smile is a bit forced. "I guess it'll make research less -- not so --" He stumbles a little in a grasp for words before settling on, "Easier to endure if we have a project of our own." He sets down the card in his hand neatly atop the others. Rearranges his expression into something appropriately plaintive, as he gets up with an exaggerated sniffle to go approach the guard.