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And which of you by being anxious can add one cubit to his span of life?
Dramatis Personae

Leo, Sarah, Winona


"Regular Nancy Drew, right here."


<NYC> Village Lofts - East Village

Bright and sunny, the lobby of this apartment building is clean and unassuming. The sole elevator at the back is often slow, but fairly reliable. A small sitting area has bright yellow couches and small coffee tables, though the nearby vending machine is perpetually running out of something. Tall windows let in plenty of light during the daytime, and the building maintenance keeps the common areas spotlessly clean. A bank of mailboxes near the sitting area collects mail for the building, a recycling bin right at hand for the unwanted spam. Beside the mailboxes, a large corkboard serves as informal meeting space for the announcements, perpetually flyered with notes and notices from the various apartment residents.

It's quiet in the midmorning, early rush hour of the building's residents hastening off to work over and done. Now there's a more motley trickle, the many people with irregular work schedules or no work schedules, delivery workers, maintenance workers and housekeepers, here a nanny come to cart a very small toddler off to play group, there someone's sleepy eyed Tinder date leaving in last night's rumpled clothes.

And then Leo. Already his complexion has cleared and darkened since its Prometheus sallowness, warmer and tanner, his dark hair glossier in contrast to the dull stringiness its succession of illnesses had kept it in before. Dressed in a daisy yellow short-sleeve button-down with a subtle windowpane pattern, dark indigo jeans with yellow contrast stitching, and black loafers, he /could/ be ready to go out and enjoy the city. But at the moment he is standing by the bulletin board, staring intently at the many layers of flyers papering it. He turns his head, wide eyed as a skinny young woman in paneled leggings and baggy Abolish ICE tee leaves the stairwell with five variably sized dogs, ushering them all out of the building. Kind of pensively, slowly, he tears off a tab from a company advertising dog walking services.

The stairwell door opens again a few moments later, though Sarah sadly emerges dogless. Even if September is barely begun, Sarah has apparently already dipped into the Halloween section of her limited wardrobe. Dressed in purple pastel overalls with a pattern of black bats and falling stars, galaxy pattern leggings and sunshine yellow converse complete today's outfit. Absorbed in whatever she's currently typing on her phone, she takes slow steps through the lobby in the general direction of the mailboxes.

Winona catches the door just before it closes behind Sarah, and pushes it open to pass through. She has started to reclaim more of her pre-Prometheus style, with camo pants, a pair of black combat boots, with an olive coloured jacket over a pale rose top. More noticeably, her hair has been recoloured and cut so that no longer is it faded and shapeless. The rainbow colours have been restored to their brightness, and it is in a shoulder length emo swoop hairstyle. Her eyebrows raise slightly upon seeing Leo, and she calls past Sarah without thinking, “Hey, you’re looking healthy!” She pauses, her cheeks redden, before gesturing in Leo’s direction. “Um. I mean to say, you’re looking good, Leo.”

Leo's hand curls abruptly into a fist as Sarah emerges. Kind of reflexively, he shoves the little scrap of paper into a pocket, somehow managing to stand a little straighter while shrinking against the wall all at once. In the next breath he's letting his shoulders relax, smoothing his hand down against his pocket. "Oh -- Winona." He smiles, warm but quick to pass. "That --" His hand sweeps, head to toe to indicate Winona's new hair and clothes. "That suits you. Are you also staying -- here. Is everyone staying here."

The unfamiliar voice pops Sarah out of her own world. She blinks rapidly as the rest of the lobby comes into actual focus, twirling around to see-- and oh, they aren't talking to her anyway. A hand that had begun to raise in an automatic wave drops to her side like a stone, her own face heating up while she scurries out of Winona's way. "Sorry about that," she blurts, a bit rushed. "Awesome hair. Hi, again!" The last is directed at Leo when she wanders past him to the mailboxes.

Winona grins at the compliments to her clothes and hair, though her teeth don’t show for long. “Figured it was about time to get my hair back to the way I like it. Take back control of my image.” She jerks her chin up slightly in greeting at Sarah, “Hey, I’m Winona,” and then gestures vaguely upwards for Leo’s benefit. “I don’t think everyone is here, but I’m staying in the same place as Wendy and Polaris. Up in 305. Not sure where everyone else is at, haven’t been really getting out much, but I need to.”

Leo regards Sarah for a long and uncertain moment before finally venturing back a somewhat wary, "Hi." He folds his arms over his chest -- uncrosses them just as quickly to let them hang by his sides -- shifts them again to push his hands into his pockets. Frowning, he leans back against the wall -- tenses and quickly moves over from this position to when some of the bulletin board's jumble of papers crinkle at his back. "Out," he echoes with much the same wariness. "Where would you... what is there to do? Do you know where it's safe to go out? Around here?"

Sarah digs a once fuzzy bumblebee keychain from the pocket of her overalls, using one of the three keys attached to unlock her mailbox. She doesn't actively listen to the conversation the other two are having while she rummages through her mail, tossing junk into the recycling bin. Still, it filters in and connects in small threads to the conversation she had walked into on the rooftop a few days before, leaves her with questions she isn't rude enough to ask.

Answers seem to be a different matter. At Leo's last question, Sarah looks up, opens her mouth to say something... and closes it just as quickly with an audible click of teeth, ducking her head to peer at the next bit of mail like it's the most interesting thing in the world. Yes. That is her address.

"Haven't really been out much, I haven't felt alright to unless I'm with someone, been feeling pretty paranoid. So I dunno what's safe," says Winona, and she chews her lip a moment before continuing. "But I'd like to go to a skate park. There's gotta be one around here. Can find anything in New York City, right? It's been too long. I'm probably gonna just biff it..." She exhales and gestures to Sarah, "Hey there, you're a local, you know where a skate park's at around here?"

"Yeah, I also..." Leo just shakes his head, darting a wistful glance toward the doors. "I went on the roof the other day and there was this --" He takes a hand out of his pocket, pinky and thumb extended as he whooshes it over his head. "Drone thing. Over us. But they -- they would have said, right? If it was -- if it was too dangerous." He repeats it quietly, half to himself: "They would have said." He's second-guessing this nearly immediately, though, with a very uncertain: "But my. The person I'm staying with, he never goes out alone. He's been here years I think. Maybe it's not safe." His head tilts slightly to one side. "Do you have a board?" A little more wide-eyed, a little hushed: "Do you have money?"

Sarah's head jerks up as Winona addresses her, eyes wide. She relaxes when she realizes she hasn't been caught eavesdropping--or at least called out about it. "Oh. Um." Her mind scrambles for an answer, gaze blindly tracing over mailbox numbers. Someone thinks she is a real New Yorker and wants advice on where to go. She needs to come up with something. "I don't know where any parks are, but I've seen a bunch of skaters hang out in Thompkins Square across the street?" she finally answers, wishing she sounded more certain. "One of them can point you somewhere, I'm sure."

Her grip on her mail tightens when Leo mentions the drone, tension pulling her shoulders together. "Has..." She stops, hesitates, continues in a cautious tone. "Has Polaris said anything about that?" she asks Leo. "The drone?"

"I don't have a board here." Winona's posture deflates as she answers Leo. "Or money. But someone's gotta have a board that I could borrow." This last is said with the skepticism of someone who generally did not lend out her board to randoms. She nods appreciation at Sarah's information, though casts an apprehensive look at the door to the street.

When her attention snaps back to the conversation, Winona looks between Leo and Sarah. "Wait, back up. A drone? Polaris?" Winona's lips press together tightly and her eyebrows furrow. "If Polaris has this drone, I can take a look at it. Bet I could figure out where it came from. Regular Nancy Drew, right here."

Leo plucks at his shirt, fidgeting with its hem then letting it drop back into place. He shakes his head, frowning. "No. I don't know. It had a camera. I haven't heard anything more about it. Maybe -- maybe it's fine. They would have -- have said if it wasn't." He smooths at the shirt, pulls in a deep breath. Looks back to the door. "Probably my -- the person I'm." He frowns again as he stumbles over the correct word. Gives up. "... anyway he seems like he'd have a skateboard. We could ask." His eyes widen slightly and -- almost defiantly. "Or. We could. Just go. To the park?" The bold streak seems to have tapered off by the end of this suggestion, ending in more of an uptick than he probably intended.

"Polaris took it inside with her, the last I saw of it," Sarah says, ever so helpfully. She does her best to smooth out her now crumpled mail and tucks what little is left, sans junk, into the bib pocket of her overalls. "It is a really nice day outside. If you do decide to go, they have a dog park that is nice to just sit at."

"I'll ask Polaris about it when I head back to the room, then," decides Winona. She frowns sympathetically with Leo being unable to find a proper word, and she asks, "Who are you staying with? If he's got a skateboard that he could spare, that'd be great. Or if not..." She glances again at the front door, and nods more determinedly, "Yeah. We could just go. To the park." Waves in Sarah's direction in agreement. "Look at a dog."

"Ryan? He's --" Leo holds his hand up just a smidge taller than his own height. "Kind of -- dark hair and tattoos and --" Here his power of description falters again, but he does add with a touch more excitement than he's shown so far: "He has a really big bird." He draws himself up taller, draws in another deep breath. "There are dogs? That's -- yeah." He looks at Winona -- at first questioning, but then just starts towards the door. "I think I'd like to pet a dog."

"Have a great time!" Sarah smiles, waving even if Leo doesn't see. "It was nice meeting you, Winona. I'm Sarah, by the way, I never said earlier. I hope you find a place to skate. And that you both meet some awesome dogs."

"Oh- Guess we're just going for it," says Winona, and she starts to move once Leo is already a few steps towards the door. She turns on her heel to wave at Sarah, "Oh, for sure. We're gonna befriend some great dogs. Nice to meetcha, Sarah," and then hurries her pace to catch up.