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You've felt for a while now that a connection with a certain someone could hold some serious potential.
Dramatis Personae

Natalie, Scramble


"Even the 'they tried to kill you' holidays come with a side of 'but you're still here'."


<NYC> Sunyata - Lower East Side

The construction of this waterfront condo in the Lower East Side ground to a halt after Hurricane Sandy. Since, a group of punks have taken it over and converted it to one of the more impressive squats in the city. From outside, the building is wildly colorful, covered with massive interlocking murals. The roof supports a thriving urban farm with a sizeable greenhouse and beehives, while the apartments below are homes to both long- and short-term residents, who are encouraged but not actually required to contribute supplies, income, and labor to the community. The cavernous lobby has no glass, but has become a partially indoor skate park/playground, including a rather popular free-running circuit. Dogs and cats and children wander the grounds, shamelessly soliciting food and attention from any who will give it.

The blazing heat and stifling humidity of a long summer's day has finally borne fruit in the form of a fantastic thunderstorm. The crashing and booming light show draws occasional appreciative whoops from Sunyata's residents, some of whom are having a dance party about it down in the lobby. Up here, though, Scramble has been bustling in and out of the apartment she shares with Natalie for a while now, the savory smell of the food she's preparing in the communal kitchen outside grow stronger and stronger. It's perhaps a bit of a late supper for most, but her aim is spot on tonight, the big pot of heavily spiced yellow dal simmering on low, just about ready to serve as the sun creeps toward the horizon.

Coming back in now, she lights a few candles around the apartment just in case the electricity goes out. She's dressed lightly for the heat in a gauzy cotton cropped tank of aqua, black capris with purple edging, a lightweight purple sash fastened over her head to push her glorious poof of hair back out of her face while she works, big gold hoop earrings matching her bangles and the gold ankh around her neck. "Still alive, bae?" She sinks down into the pile of cushions that has been her girlfriend's fasting nest.

"No." Natalie's groan comes from somewhere under a soft heart-shaped pillow. She has a Kindle beside her, currently ignored as she smooshes the pillow down against her face with crossed arms, her mane of rich red hair spread around her like a halo. She's much less colorful than Scramble in faded jean shorts, a plain black tank top, silver magen David necklace currently fallen to rest at the hollow of her throat where she lies. She nudges the pillow aside, peering up at Scramble. Her face is pale -- her smile a little weary, though genuine. She lifts a hand, lightly touches the backs of her fingers against the side of Scramble's face. "But there's a sight to liven me back up."

Scramble tilts her head just a little, leaning into the touch while managing to look coquettish. "Damn, I was 'bout to say, you looking awful fine for a dead girl." She nestles in beside her girlfriend, smelling perhaps maddeningly like the dal she's been cooking. "But you're pretty fantastic as a living one, too, and I'm pretty keen on keepin' you that way. On account of which, I got the timing down." She looks up at the wide bank of windows -- only two panels open right now, but the wind they let in whips the tapestry curtains up into a fantastical dance strobe-lit by the lightning outside. "God, too, apparently."

"Ohhh." The groan has shifted into a moan, practically orgasmic as Natalie buries her face in against Scrambles spice-scented shirt. Takes a deep breath. "You are several different kinds of tempting. I am so ready to break this fast and then," her arm snakes around the other woman's side, "maybe add a little extra joy on top." She tucks her head against Scramble's shoulder, her eyes drawn toward the window with that flash. "I like to think God's just offering a helpful reminder. End the mourning with a little catharsis."

Scramble heaves a soft, pleased sigh at Natalie's embrace, curling her own arm around the other woman's shoulders to gather her close. "I am down to heap so much more than a little joy on you. If I didn't love you so much I'd want you to fast more often." She plants a kiss on top of her girlfriend's head, strokes her silky red tresses. "God knows the score. Even the 'they tried to kill you' holidays come with a side of 'but you're still here'." A gust of wind from a different direction sweeps a sprinkling of rain in with it, and Scramble closes her eyes, smiling. "And I sure am thankful for that."