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xxxxxShe is rather plain. Brown hair to mid back, skinny, and short at barely 5 feet tall. Her age appears to be late 20s.

Her usual outfits are T shirts, long skirts, and sneakers...and always in blues.

She has brown eyes, but wears colored contacts of blue or green.


xxxxxShe grew up in a small town. Her father worked as a computer programmer, and her mother was a stay at home wife who left when she was 14 because she was "bored of the small town life". She has one younger sister. The rest of her family are human. She was born with heart defects, so was always a small weakling. Whether or not that contributed to her being an introvert and preferring to read books instead of socialize is debatable. Her parents are a bit racist, so she hasn't told her mother, and her father tolerates it because she doesn't cause trouble with it. Her sister is apathetic, though did give her the nickname of Wisp. After high school, she tried to work, but with her bad heart, she just couldn't handle more physical jobs. She got approved for Disability, but it's hardly a livable wage, so she gets desk jobs part time. Because of her low income, she lives in crappy apartments, and moves a lot when other residents cause trouble. Recently, she found the Squat, and it seems to be okay, for now. She loves cats, and has a silver tabby named Zeddy.


xxxxxShe can turn into mist. When condensed as tightly as possible, it's fist sized, and nearly opaque. When dissipating as loosely possible, it's about 5square feet, and almost completely transparent. The mist form can hover, stay along the ground like fog, or float up into the sky about 1,000 feet. With no air flow, she can move around freely. The stronger the air current, the harder it is to navigate. The longest time she has been in mist form is 12 hours. Depending on what actions and time period, it wears her out...like typical exercise for a human at the gym.


xxxxxHer hobby is repairing small engines, and she uses that as a small income ever so often.



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And everything in between

Her father and sister live in White Plains city, about an hour away.

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Vyvcat1.jpg Zeddy [[Image:|x150px]] [[Image:|x150px]]

Vivian Boyd
Codename Wisp
Birthdate May 15, 1978
Birthplace White Plains, NY
Species Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment Neutral good
Powers Mist
Occupation unemployed
Registration Status 3 Delta
Played By Vivy
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