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Mall Fire Alarm?

xxxxxSuburban southern California girl with ear-piercing mutant talents.


xxxxxBorn to Jake and Sara Kingsley in Perris California, s he ended up growing up there, and in neighboring Moreno Valley. She grew up a pretty normal southern California suburbanite girl, complete with vocal affectations and tendencies. She played soccer when she was little, she did gymastics a while. But by middle school she'd settled down just to be an ordinary kid who liked to go to the mall and hang out. She played video games sometimes, too, but she wasn't one of *those kids* as she'd put it.

Her vocal powers manifested as she began to develop - it'd be mean to say her voice changed, but it wouldn't be far wrong - and she learned how to use it the same way a person learns how to walk, gradually over time. But by the 8th grade, she'd begun to test her limits and one day she didnt' want to go to school, she gave one controlled shriek and broke every window. That got attention. For the first time she could be possibly marked as a mutant, and that's how she ended up under the care of Xavier's institution.


xxxxxAmy's power is very simple: her voice. She has quite exceptional control of it. Not only able to produce extremely loud volumes, far beyond the energy output of a top opera singer, but she also has the ability to produce frequencies and harmonics with precision and combinations with practice, in the same way a regular human might learn do re mi. What can be done with this power is controlled only by the limits of the sciences of sound and harmonic motion.

The downside to this mutation is that this massive range of volume and frequently is part of her natural abilities. And while normally she won't use it, she'll just talk and whatnot like she did before puberty, stress can change that. If she had tocry for help, she could just as easily put out a sonic boom, as she could emit a whine at a frequency only dogs can hear, practically silent to any people. Any high enough stress could create unpredictable results.


xxxxxBeing an incoming school student, Amy hasn't developed a whole lot in the way of skills. She in the past has been a casual gymnast, and youth soccer player, and probably remembers a fair bit of each. She's intelligent for her age, and has read books, used computers, and quite accidentally grown her abilities when her parents wouldn't let her spend all day every day at the mall.She can get good grades, too, if she tries. The one subject she's actually studied the most though is physics, because she realized it let her understand her power better.



  • None yet


  • Maybe the janitor at her middle school.

And everything in between

  • Parents!
  • Loves the mall
  • Surprisingly good at video games
  • Doesn't have super hearing

Image Halloween Costume? Future Suit

Amy Kingsley
Codename None
Birthdate 2000-01-31
Birthplace Perris, CA
Species Human (Mutant)
Affiliation Xavier's
Alignment Chaotic Good
Powers Super Voice
Occupation Student
Registration Status Unregistered Minor
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