Glossary of Terms

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Glossary of Terms


Alt: Alternate character. One Player can more than one Character - these characters are all his alts.

Canon: Universally understood rules about the specific universe being played in.

Channel: The primary means through which Players communicate with one another.

Character: What Players RP with.

Desc: Description -- the description of your character's appearance. It can, but does not usually contain clothing.

FC: Feature Character - one of the characters written in the Canon X-Men Universe

+finger: A quick command to bring up someone's profile.


IC: In Character

ICA=ICC: In Character Actions = In Character Consequences - If your character punches someone in the face, depending on the situation, your character may have people mad at them.

Meta: Meta is self-referential. It is information about a character that the writer knows that adds to a person's understanding of their motivations or personality

Meta-knowledge: taking Meta information and applying it. If you are not a telepath, you will not know what the other person is thinking, so generally, don't use this.

NPC: Non Player Character - no one specifically applied for this character. It can be your character's sister or just all of the other people on the street or in a restaurant

OC: Original character -- Not created by the Marvel universe.

OOC: Out Of Character. OOC is used to describe the status and interactions between Players outside of RP. (ie "My character is angry, but OOC I am having a great time.") Can also be used to describe a character that is acting contrary to their character type. (ie "It was pretty OOC when Wolverine went daisy picking.") Opposite of IC.

Page: Direct messaging on game in real time (not the +mail system)

PC: Player Character. A character that is written by only one Player.

Player: That's you!

Pose: the collection of dialog and/or actions written by a single person, inserted into the field of play during their turn

Room: Rooms are where characters and objects exist, for storage, interaction and/or RP. They are generally desced to suit the purpose of the rooms (ie: A garden room should be desced with the general layout of the garden.) Public rooms are rooms on the grid that anyone can enter/RP in/navigate through. Private rooms are rooms owned by individuals and should generally not be entered without OOC permission.

RP: Roleplay.

RPG: Roleplay game.

Set: Can be a noun or a verb. Setting a scene is laying out in a pose the scene that is currently or about to take place. (ie: "I will set the scene now that we're all in the room." or "Hi! We've been RPing for a while, but if you want to join, I can make a set of the scene for you in my next pose.")


TP: Tiny Plot! The game over all has a vague over arching plot, but from time to time, there will be smaller plots that start, begin, and end within a certain time frame.