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Soft and fuzzy, do not touch

xxxxxStanding at just over five feet, probably barely breaking ninety pounds, Glow is far from an imposing figure. Her face is round and soft-featured, and her build is normal enough for a teenaged girl, but that's where the normalcy ends. Glow's skin is covered in a fine coat of thin, pale fur, the tips of which seems to glow faintly in the dark. When the fur reaches her scalp, the color and texture shifts to a shock of short, dark grey hair. Her eyes are round and black in color, devoid of any distinction between pupil and iris. Her posture is almost constantly hunched, and her movements are often jerky and unsure.


xxxxxLucy's early life was mundane enough. Born and raised in a trailer park in Georgia, her family was far from the wealthiest, but they made ends meet. Lucy developed a rebellious streak early on, often sneaking out after dark to play with her friends and enthusiastically participating in shouting matches with her parents, but she wouldn't call her life anything but ordinary.

All that changed after Lucy turned fourteen. What was initially thought to be a skin-irritating allergic reaction quickly revealed itself to be something much worse-- mutation. Lucy soon found herself covered in glowing fur and confined to the family trailer as her parents desperately floundered for a solution. The year was 2013, and mutants were far from accepted by the general populace. Tensions only rose in the Larimore family, and one night Lucy slipped out the back door into the night, intent on never returning.

Mutation hidden by an oversized hoodie, Lucy hitchhiked her way to New York, learning the full extent of her abilities on the way. The glowing hairs that covered her skin secreted a toxin that caused paralysis in anyone that touched them-- though Lucy never stuck around to witniss the aftereffects.

Eventually, Lucy made it to New York City, quietly joining the city's homeless population. She did what she could to hide her mutation, but something like that can't go unnoticed forever--luckily for Lucy, it was noticed by the right sort of people. Lucy found herself in the care of the Morlocks, and took to calling herself 'Glow.' She's been with them ever since, keeping as low a profile as she can manage. As far as Lucy is concerned, she's lost any chance at normalcy-- she just wants to survive.

  • Bio-luminescence: Glow's skin is covered in countless fine, pale hairs. The tips of these hairs is capable of glowing faintly in the dark, and their light only brightens when Glow puts her other powers to use.
  • Toxin Secretion: In addition to making pretty-shiny-lights, Glow's hairs are capable of producing a toxin of varying potency, depending on Glow's stress level. At its weakest, the toxin causes a red, painful rash. Going up the scale in strength, contact with the toxin causes numbness and paralysis, and is capable of causing serious medical complications depending on where the victim comes in contact with the toxin (pro-tip: don't get it in your eyes). Glow appears to be immune to her own toxins.
  • Stealth: While she lacks any formal training, Glow is very, very good at getting around without being noticed. She's quiet, she's small, she knows not to draw attention to herself, and she knows how to blend into the background.


  • Anole: Nice. Funny. Likes comics. Joined the Morlocks not too long before me.
  • Rasa: Seems pretty cool. Gave me a sandwich once. Kind of a badass.


  • Coming soon.


  • Coming soon.
  • Glow is a huge horror fan, eagerly consuming anything in the genre. She has a soft spot for horror comics, especially sci-fi horror.
  • She does have a Southern accent, though it's not very pronounced, and is occasionally lost in the mumbling.
Lucy Larimore
Codename Glow
Birthdate 1999-07-18
Birthplace Savannah, GA
Species Mutant
Affiliation Morlocks
Alignment True Neutral
Powers Bio-luminescence; toxin secretion
Occupation Waif
Registration Status Unregistered
RP Hooks
In the Lair of the Morlocks - Glow's been with the Morlocks for a few years now. She's quiet and keeps to herself, for the most part, but she would at least have a passing familiarity with most of the regulars underground.
Sticky Fingers - Let's be real, it's not like Glow can just walk into a store and buy what she wants. Most of her worldly possessions are stolen, or paid for with stolen cash. She doesn't steal from people she knows, but hey, nothing says "ice breaker" like "hey come back with my wallet," right?
Nerd - You want to start a conversation with Glow? Talk nerdy to her. Comic books, movies, games-- you name it, she wants to talk about it. She's not exactly current on the newest releases, but she would LOVE to hear about them. And maybe read/watch them, if you're willing to share?
RP Hook - Explanation.
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