From X-Men: rEvolution
Instead of slowing down, I just shine brighter.

xxxxxSunshiney-bright, flagrantly colourful, radical-left-leaning but devoutly Catholic, Jax might not fit in many places. But this is New York.


xxxxxThick straight hair, often dyed brilliantly unnatural colours, falls shaggy-floppy to frame graceful features: eyebrows arch dark against extraordinarily pale skin, lips full, cheekbones set high, thick dark lashes around one startlingly vivid blue eye; there is a sunken empty socket where the other should be, though this is often hidden beneath eyepatches in a variety of colours, or mirrored dark glasses. Clean-shaven, his face also sports a wealth of metal, a number of piercings dotted across his features. Much of his skin neck-down plays host to tattoos in bright colours. His right hand has four fingers, only scar tissue remaining where the pinky should be. He stands average height at just a hair shy of 5'10", with a trim swimmer's body; lithe, lean musculature is carried with a dancer's easy grace.


xxxxxAround Xavier's, known for being obnoxiously COLOURFUL, obnoxiously cheerful, and being a constantly reliable source of delicious desserts. Art teacher/baking teacher/sex ed teacher at XS. Known to be highly averse to giving homework, but have high expectations of Not Slacking Off in his actual classroom.

Among mutants coming out of Prometheus, known for helping organize the team that keeps breaking people out of the labs (and subsequently finding people medical care, shelter, etc.)

An active and familiar face among far-left activists in general (the anarchist community isn't that big); the kind to turn up with food or offer childcare at meetings. Probably only relevant to an extremely lefty/hippie crowd.

Outside of those groups, mostly only known to those who pay quite close attention to the news & mutant issues especially. Extremely active in mutant liberation activism, but not of the sort that makes him particularly famous. Organizes a lot of protests, writes a lot of blog posts, speaks a lot at rallies, is occasionally invited to be The Token Mutant at workshops/on panels when people at conferences are discussing mutant rights.


xxxxxBorn the only child to farming parents in a tiny town nestled in at the base of Appalachia, Jax's early life was a pleasant enough one. Sheltered, for sure, a combination of living in a tiny backwater Georgia town and growing up with very conservative parents who were rather overprotective of their only child. Devout Catholics, they passed their faith on to him from early on. His life was simple, but full. Church, school, learning how to take care of the farm, these were foundations; on top of which there was swim team, dance lessons, and above all art, for which he showed a great aptitude from an early age.

xxxxxThough in classes he tended to do reasonably well, out of classes things were harder; being a somewhat flamboyant boy in a highly conservative town did not go over well, and even less so once his mutation manifested. It was a blessing the day that a Xavier's representative found him and brought him to New York to be able to continue his schooling normally. In the new environment he thrived, once he got over homesickness, learning to control his powers and applying himself to practice with the same diligence he gave the rest of his schoolwork.

xxxxxThough always politically bent and heavily involved in activism (focused around environmental justice and animal rights, largely) it was his abduction by Prometheus that focused this activism in more aggressive ways. In the wake of his rescue from there, he and some of the other rescuees have attempted hunting down other similar facilities and liberating their occupants.

xxxxxOutside of being a vigilante he keeps busy. Between work -- part-time as a tattoo artist and body piercer, part-time as a teacher at Xavier's, part-time down at the Mendel Clinic as a security guard; between life as an X-Man and helping out at church and the various activist groups he's involved in, he doesn't find much time for sleep. Single fatherhood doesn't help with that either; he has twin college kids and a twelve-year-old rescued from Prometheus and subsequently adopted.


xxxxxAt its base, Jackson is a photokinetic. His mutation controls the light around him, bending it in accordance with his moods and thoughts. With training and practice he's learned to leash it so that for the most part it doesn't visibly happen when he doesn't want it to, and so that it /does/ respond when he /does/ want it to.

This power makes him effectively an illusionist, and in this he is most adept, bending and reorganizing light waves to change their appearance. He creates vivid holographic images that are substanceless, soundless, but quite visually convincing. Unlike psionically-based illusions, his are "real" in that he is actually moving the light waves themselves and therefore the resulting imagery would show up on camera.

His mutation -- and him -- powers itself largely on solar power. Without a good enough charge, he can't shield at all and his beams will be weak. His illusions require the least energy expenditure, but still take a lot out of him if he does too much too long.

He stores solar power like a battery; he can't produce light innately, but can store energy for later. Too much sun is dangerous, too; he has a point past which he can't store anything more and if he doesn't expend the energy he's taking in continually, it will built up and is prone to exploding. He can't turn off the storing, but he's gotten pretty good at finding ways to let it out in small doses all day long so as to not burst.

He's gotten pretty used to fueling himself on solar power, too. More sun means more energy, for him, and can leave him even more hyperactive and prone to cheer. It helps that fueling himself this way brings down his need for sleep, although relying on it isn't the healthiest path.

Body Mods

xxxxxJackson has become much more colourful over the years; in addition to the vividly coloured hair he sports three seasons out of the year, he has a WEALTH of piercings and tattoos. The current complete list:

Piercings -- Ears (earlobes 0g, 8 up the side of the left ear, 9 on the right; industrials, tragus, daith, rook), eyebrows (3 right, 4 left), teardrop (right). Lip (5 in his lower lip). Labret. Both nipples (twice), tongue (twice), left nostril (twice, one stud, one ring), right nostril (stud), septum, bridge.


  • Back:
    • Giant black-and-red feathered angel wings, spanning the entirety of his back, shoulders down to waist.
    • Two stars, the right one a little bigger and brighter, at the base of his neck/between the wings.
  • Front:
    • Over his heart: A dove in flight, olive branch in its beak, ringed by an excerpt of the words to the prayer of St. Francis in a spiral of small black print ("Make me an instrument of Your peace, where there is hatred, let me sow love; where there is despair, hope; where there is darkness, light; and where there is sadness, joy. Master, grant that I may never seek so much to be consoled as to console; to be understood, as to understand; to be loved, as to love with all my soul.")
    • Most of the rest of his chest+the majority of his right side: A large peach tree climbs up his right side, the branches taking up most of the leftover room on his chest; it has both fruit and flowers at once, and there's a small fairy (an elfin humanoid male, with blue hair and large red-and-black butterfly wings) perched on one of the lower limbs.
    • Left shoulder: A dragonfly, bright-bright blue with veined very slightly multicoloured wings.
    • Right shoulder: The Neverending Story's AURYN.
  • Skull: A chimaera. Large bat-wings, black panther body, heads of a goat, a dragon, a raven, a segmented scorpion's tail. Obviously, can only be seen if his head is shaved.
  • Arms:
    • Right elbow: Two bicoloured stars, red/black (front) and purple/black (back)
    • Left elbow: Two bicoloured stars, green/black (front) and pink/black (back) on the left
    • Left elbow: Just above the star on the front there is a simple black line segment, one inch long.
    • Right inner wrist: A rainbow-colored cross with a circled-A superimposed over it, the letter circled with a crown of thorns
    • Left inner wrist: A raised fist in a circle, clutching a carrot.
    • Forearms: Paintbrushes on the right side and charcoal drawing pencils on the left, drawn to look like they are worming their way in and out of the skin.
    • Right half-sleeve (shoulder to elbow): A lot of medicinal herbs.
    • Left half-sleeve (shoulder to elbow): Fruits and veggies! Lots of them.
  • Legs:
    • Right half-sleeve (knee to ankle): Illustrations from The Lorax
    • Left half-sleeve (knee to ankle): CARE BEARS. But only the original characters. Also a large rainbow. For the Care Bears to slide on. And puffy clouds.


  • Anole - *_*
  • B - Sharp mind. Sharp claws.
  • Daiki - I will read all your dreams to the stars.
  • Dusk - Love is a dangerous angel.
  • Flicker - Strong (in the real way.)
  • Hive - I have been many things since last we met. I have been trees and rivers and hills and stones. I have spoken to stars and earth and wind.
  • Horus - Some hats can only be worn if you're willing to be jaunty, to set them at an angle and to walk beneath them with a spring in your stride as if you're only a step away from dancing. They demand a lot of you.
  • Ion - Passion flows through him like a river of blood.
  • Isra - You haven't been bit till a dragon does it.
  • Ivan - COVERED IN BEES?? *_*
  • Joshua - When your rage is choking you, it is best to say nothing.
  • Kyinha - So intense!
  • Lucien - Magic belongs as much to the heart as to the head,
  • Matt - and everything which is done should be done from love or joy or righteous anger.
  • Melinda - Dreamer.
  • Peter - Probably going to be a superhero one day.
  • Ryan - Would sell a kidney for. ... hopefully never have to.
  • Shane - Sharp wit. All heart.
  • Spencer - Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.
  • Tag - Sometimes you fall, spinning through space, grasping for the things that keep you on this earth. Sometimes you catch them.
  • Taylor - Young, scrappy and hungry.
  • Tian-shin - Bold, where it matters.


  • Iolaus - No less a sham than all the rest.
  • Malthus - The stuff of nightmares.
  • Norman - I'm still holding out for that dance, though.
  • Rasheed - I'm not going to stop what's coming to him.

Partly Hazy

  • Eric - *facescrubs*
  • Jane - Decent, as bosses go. Still a boss.
  • Marrow - Interesting ideas about helping.
  • Jim - Probably going to marry Hive some day.
  • Maintains several blogs with varying levels of activity; one focused on sex & relationship education, one focused on teaching & parenting from a non-authoritarian perspective; one focused on mutant-related issues, and one more personal art blog. Used to have an animal rights one but that hasn't been updated regularly in years.
    • Also totally keeps a tumblr though this, like many tumblrs, is unfocused and just full of Whatever On Earth He Feels Like. Pretty pictures. Cute puppies. Religious musings. Random banter with his friends. Cooking tips. Whatever is on his mind. Totally also a sprinkling of things found in all four of the above, but in a far less organized fashion.
  • Much like half of his friends, his one-eyed beagle was also an ex-labrat; some of his animal lib friends nabbed Obie in a raid on an animal testing lab back in his college days. He had been fostering all the beagles that came out of the raid but for perhaps obvious reasons got extra attached to that one and never rehomed him.
  • His advisor in high school was Scott Summers which led to no end of Cyclops jokes when he returned from Prometheus.

Jax1.jpg Jaxorchid.jpg [[Image:|x150px]]

Jackson Connor Holland
Codename Sunshine
Birthdate June 21, 1992
Species Mutant
Affiliation Xavier's
Alignment Effervescent
Powers Photokinetic
Occupation Anarchist
Registration Status Unregistered
RP Hooks
Sugarfairy - Tends to bake and bake and BAKE. When class is in session, his desserts can be found almost daily in the XS rec room and Teachers' Lounge. His neighbors are frequently plied with desserts, too.
Needlepoint - Will prick you with so many needles. Inks people and does body piercing at Inkline, a studio in the Lower East Side.
Artsy - Paints, draws, graffitis. Started an art collective in Brooklyn. Looks like an artist, too.
Freestyle - Loves to swim, even if he's not so good as his KIDS. They set a high bar, though.
Radical - Anarchist, activist, he can be found circling the leftist scene in various capacities, largely focused around queer rights and environmentalist vegan hippieism. Also mutant rights.
X-Man - The COLOURFULLEST X-Man. His uniform's bedazzled with a smiling sun.
THAT teacher - Teaches at XS -- art, baking, and also one of the mandatory Sex Ed classes.
Prometheus Bound - Once a labrat himself, now he spends a good deal of energy trying to find others and free them. On very public record in the news as an ex-labrat and rescuer of other labrats. Or terrorist.
Third Shift - Often works night shift at the Mendel Clinic doing security work.
Spera in Deo, quoniam adhuc confitebor illi - Devoutly Catholic; is in the pew at Church every Sunday and plenty of times in between, as well.
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