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Roots Rock Rebel
Ryan Black
Codename None
Birthdate August 22, 1990
Species Mutant
Affiliation Citizens
Alignment Rebel with a Cause
Powers Audiokinetic/Empathy
Occupation Musician
- Introduction

xxxxxAn up-and-coming musician, rootless through most of his life but recently settled in NYC. Ryan enjoys a small degree of fame around the East Coast and in NYC in particular, where he has collected a decent-sized fanbase. His music draws heavily on both folk-punk and classical influences, incorporating violin heavily into what is otherwise a rock sound. Classically trained in violin, he plays guitar pretty excellently and keyboard alright. He currently resides in the East Village -- the Village Lofts, apartment 304, with a number of other mutants, though he's not out about being one himself. The radical-left themes worked throughout his music win him as many critics as fans, but he does well enough to keep himself and his friends comfortably afloat.


xxxxxBright-eyed and bright-smiled, Ryan catches many looks even without the benefit of his music. Tall and wiry-toned, he sports bright green eyes and a messy crop of dark hair. His features are clean-cut, a strong jaw, high cheekbones, a quick and warm smile, though he breaks up his boy-next-door look with a sprinkling of piercings through ears and lip and eyebrow and a few brightly noticeable tattoos -- a weaving of branches and leaves from a gingko plant sleeving one arm to the elbow, an outline of some chemical structure by one wrist, a treble clef by the other. Most frequently found in clothes colorful and well-styled, he at least /dresses/ the part of a rock star already.


xxxxxWarm and open, Ryan is friendly to most that he meets, though an underlying undercurrent of snark here and there may mark this as more a /practiced/ skill than an inherent one. He lives his life with a good deal of passion; for his music, for his friends, for the activism he delves into (largely centered around environmental justice and animal rights.) A strict vegan, he makes up for his care in diet with wanton abandon when it comes to chemicals, partying hard most nights a week and harder still after shows. For all his excess, he works fiercely hard when it comes to things that matter to him, practicing long hours each day and devoting plenty of time to various radical enterprises around the city.


xxxxxRyan is primarily an audiokinetic, with control over sound waves. He can do a lot with them, from distorting the flow of sound to have conversations audible to who he wants and nobody else to autotuning his own music (which he never does, he /swears/) to using echolocation to navigate to generating sound waves powerful enough to cause injury.

Secondary to his audiokinesis, Ryan possesses a low-grade empathy. It took him a long time to realize it, because his empathy /only/ works in tandem with sound -- he can only influence emotions through sound he creates and he can only read people's emotions if they are talking/singing/etc.

This tends to mean his music really moves people. He was actually pretty sad to discover that this wasn't just because he is a great musician and was helped greatly by playing with cheat codes enabled.

He's still a pretty great musician, though.

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