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The IC world of X-Men: rEvolution shares quite a bit of history with our own, but current events in the past generation or so have diverged quite a bit. This page serves as a guide to some people, NPC or PC, your character would be more or less likely to have heard of, if they haven't been living under a rock.


  • Derek Simon: United States President. Former Arizona governor. Republican. Won the Presidential election in 2012; sworn in January, 2013.
  • Philip Bancroft: Former United States president, elected in 2008 on a moderate Democratic platform; defeated in 2012 elections by the challenger, Derek Simon.
  • Alexander Tranum: Former United States Vice-President under Bancroft.
  • Daniel Lukasik: One of the two U.S. senators from New York. Democrat.
  • Magda Carruthers: One of the two U.S. senators from New York. Republican.
  • Richard Fraley: New York's current governor. Republican. Defeated his Democratic opponent in the 2008 elections. Strong proponent of Mutant Registration.
  • Elliott Carruthers: Current mayor of New York City; the first female and first Latina mayor NYC has had. Democrat. Decorated naval veteran, famous for saving her crew during an attack by mutant pirates. Friends of Humanity spokesperson, and the public face of the pro-registration Human First campaign.
  • Douglas Lovet: The former mayor of New York City. Independent. Killed by zombies during the Rising Plague.
  • Graydon Creed: A prominent anti-mutant activist. Wealthy and outspoken, donates to many anti-mutant causes.
  • Alice Lambton: Diplomat in Residence for New York State for the past ten years; known to hold moderate views; rumored to have political aspirations.
  • Luke Cage: Formerly imprisoned until his very public breakout of jail and subsequent overturning of his conviction. Now an activist around Harlem, outspoken on mutant issues and involved in philanthropic efforts in Harlem. Ran for City Council seat in Harlem.
  • Victor van Doom: The Supreme Monarch of Latveria, a small country in the Balkans, only recently independent from Hungary.
  • Jackson Holland: Once an acclaimed artist and mutant activist, has become a poster child for The Good Mutants following very publicly saving the lives of both the mayor and Norman Osborn. Often in the news for his support of mutant's right issues; helped Tony Stark bring the NYPD's fighting ring to public light. Most notably, was pinpointed as one of the city's biggest heroes during the zombie crisis, for his work both combating zombies and instigating a cure. Subsequently accused of murdering Malthus and fabricating the zombie disease and arrested on terrorism charges, subsequently released and all charges dropped. Publicly known for his involvement in freeing Promethean labrats.

Media, Entertainment, & Sports

  • Alison Blaire: Former pop star and B-movie actress. Known for movies like 'The Killers that Creep', 'Tomb of Dracula', and 'The Man-Wolf'. She was formerly the host of a local daytime talk show called 'Alison!' and is now planning a web series. She came out publicly as a mutant in March 2014 at an awards ceremony via a very sparkly light display.
  • Kaori Takahashi: Famous X-Games athlete, sponsored, and DJ's in clubs around NYC.
  • Naseemah Chaudhry: An investigative journalist with the Daily Bugle, came to prominence in the news world for breaking several high-profile stories, including the NYPD's mutant fighting ring and the illegal research being conducted by Prometheus.
  • Ryan Black: New York based indie rocker, locally popular before rocketing to national stardom. Debut album See It Through and multi-platiunum single "Brighter" helped him achieve the rare feat of winning all of the Grammy "Big Four" General awards in 2014 -- where he became the first major celebrity to come out as a mutant, there on stage receiving his award.
  • Captain America: Famous in the 1940's as Captain America, touted as the perfect American soldier in recruitment posters, propaganda films, and USO shows. Though he was only a vaguely remembered legend at the time of his revival in 2015, he has once again become a household name through his involvement with the city's zombie patrols, with mutant rights activism (although it is also broadly known that he is definitely human, his powers derived from a government experiment for which he volunteered), and eventually with his participation in the highly publicized raid to free the last of the Prometheus project detainees. Just about any American who has paid any attention to current events in the last six months knows his name, face, and iconic shield.

Science & Technology

  • Dr. Moira MacTaggert: The Scotland-based scientist who initially discovered the X-Gene. Still publicly the preeminent researcher into mutation worldwide.
  • Dr. Iolaus Saavedro: Geneticist and founder of the Mendel Clinic, the world's first dedicated mutant clinic. Recognized for his work in developing the treatment and cure for the zombie disease.
  • Dr. Rasheed Toure: Neurologist and philanthropist. Runs a low-cost clinic in Clinton, but is more famous within the medical community for pioneering several radical advancements in treatments for neurodegenerative disorders, as well as in brain-computer interfaces. Additionally famous as co-creator of the treatment and cure for the zombie disease.
  • Regan Wyngarde: Med student at Columbia, specializing in neuroprosthetics. Famous for her work as co-creator of the treatment and cure for the zombie disease.

Business & Industry

  • Tony Stark: Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Notable recently for publicly exposing the NYPD's mutant fight ring.
  • Warren Worthington, III: The multi-billionaire son of multi-billionaire parents, Warren Worthington is the CEO of Worthington Industries, an international conglomerate with holdings in everything from aviation to yogurt. A known philanthropist, Worthington is a common face in the news.
  • Norman Osborn: CEO of Oscorp; a weapon contractor who has bet his entire empire on mutant countermeasures being the 'next big thing'. Working on building the Oscorp Institute, a proposed center for mutants to receive education and assistance learning about their abilities.
  • Sebastian Shaw: CEO of Shaw Industries, also heavily involved in munitions.
  • Hive: An up-and-coming young architect; while the Mendel Clinic garnered lots of controversy in its mission, its design earned nothing but praise in the architecture world, and the architect who pulled it off singlehandedly earned himself a lot of acclaim for this accomplishment.


  • Eric Lensherr: Also known as Magneto, this known mutant, founder of the recently designated terrorist group the Brotherhood of Mutants, is most famous for his recent attempted attack on the diplomatic gathering near Liberty Island. Currently imprisoned in a specially-designed unit, location confidential.
  • Andrew Kinney: Also known as Vector. Known mutant who escaped Prometheus custody and was subsequently responsible for releasing the pathogen that caused the zombie plague. Currently at large, and on the FBI's Most Wanted list.
  • Kay: Member of the Mutant Mongrels Motorcycle Club; presumed member of Brotherhood of Mutants - currently on the FBI's Most Wanted list following the murder of several police officers and subsequent fiery explosive battle after taking over a church in Harlem. Whenever there is mutant-related chaos and FIRE is involved, law enforcement has just started assuming Kay must have been around somewhere. More accurate since being caught (flagrantly posing) on surveillance footage, burning down the Themis House's NYC branch. There is a reward out for any information regarding his whereabouts.
  • Nox/Neve: SHADOWWOMAN. Also plastered across the news as a suspect in a string of disappearances/murders, was no longer a suspect after the bloodmonster was found. Also helped Save Everything at the Oscorp gala. Subsequently gained notoriety for killing an NYPD officer. As Neve Leone, known for being the spokesperson for Themis House and writing an autobiography about her journey towards a more normal life with mutation suppression; became even more famous when the story was publicly revealed to be made-up and Themis's involvement with Prometheus was revealed.
  • Spider-Dude: Mysterious SPIDER-TYPE person wanted by the FBI in relation to a bunch of explosions in the city; has been photographed swinging around on zip-lines and saving people from fires. TERRORIST.
  • Thea: Mutant with the power to enlarge and control bugs; first came to attention following a series of smaller bug attacks that culminated in blowing up City Hall. Was subsequently broken out of jail and is still wanted and at large.