Pandemonium Games

From X-Men: rEvolution

xxxxxTwo floors of geekery, Pandemonium Games in the Lower East Side is, at first blush, a bookstore rather than a gaming store, small and cozy with aisles dedicated to sci-fi and fantasy books. The glass counter opposite the bookshelves, admittedly, does hold a wealth of cards from various collectible card games, though binders of Magic cards predominate. Bins of dice in a wide variety of colours stand at one end of the counter. It is the lower level of the store that is usually the busy one, though. The stairs leading down to the basement head first into shelves and shelves of games; board games, RPG sourcebooks, Warhammer figurines, battle mats. Beyond the shelves of goods, a much larger room is mostly bare save its many wide tables, filled at all hours with people playing tabletop games of all kinds.

  • Note any PCs or particularly relevant NPCs who work here!
  • Note any other PCs or particularly relevant NPCs who work here!
  • Note any other PCs or particularly relevant NPCs who work here!
Notes & Trivia
  • The management here is generally tolerant of mutants but intolerant of fuss; unfortunately, in any mutant-related disruptions they tend to come down on the side of kicking out the mutant regardless of who started it, for the sake of keeping the peace.
Important Events

xxxxxAnything particularly noteworthy happen in this spot? Note it here!

Pandemonium Games
Neighborhood Lower East Side
Type Gaming & Nerdbooks
Hours of Operation
Mutant-friendliness Wishy-washy
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