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Plots make the world go 'round!

But, sometimes it can be hard to keep track of them or know how to plug yourself in! To that end, here is a repository for the various threads of plotting that are being woven through our game. If you want to add plot information here, please include what the plot is, how players might hook into it, and who to contact about getting involved.

Active TPs

City of Silence

Silence gradually settles over the the city.

Contact Telomerase with questions.
Fight Club

Following the events of the NYPD's mutant fight ring, some of the survivors found themselves with a little excess anger and a strong desire to be prepared better to defend themselves from future aggression. And so Fight Club was born.

Just what the name sounds like, this is a gathering of mutants -- currently weekly, on Friday nights -- who meet to practice fighting. Not sparring but real no-holds-barred fighting where they are encouraged not to hold back (although not to KILL); they have mutant healers on hand to clean up the injuries that occur.

Fight Club takes place by-IC-invitation on Friday nights in the Lower East Side. Contact Shane or Sebastian about THROWING DOWN. @mail is best, or page Shane.
HFC Takeover!
For centuries now, the Hellfire Club, known for their motto 'do what thou wilt,' has been populated by the filthy rich and unscrupulous. They have used their influence to maneuver politics to their gain and mold politicians to their wishes. In the recent years, their Inner Circle has found the Mutant Issue to be a cause for great concern and have been aiding agendas that prosecute mutants and funding research to end this problem once and for all. It is rumored that the past election was a victory for the club and that the president and the mayor may or may not be in their collective pocket.

New comer Emma Frost has stumbled upon these plans with the help of her mutant gifts and a disgruntled spouse. She has chosen to act against them, but to beat them at their own game. She will begin to influence the hiring of mutants in key positions throughout the New York chapter of the club and gather up secrets to keep the old and rich members in line and funding pro-mutant initiatives when she takes power!

Contact Emma if you are interested in being backed by the old regime (for the time being) or in the upcoming events leading to the take over of the club world wide!
The Quick and the Red

The Maximoff twins are coming to town, and they're bringing hell with them.

Contact Telomerase with questions.

Wrapped-up TPs

Flu Season

Fevers, aches, chills, ugh.

Contact shaneface or Hive with questions. @mail only, no paging.

Caffeine mysteriously loses effect in the heart of the city

Contact Telomerase with questions.
Future Past

Inexplicable dreams regarding the future begin plaguing a number of the city's denizens, hinting at events to come.

Contact shane or Melinda for questions.

Every so often, someone in the government will propose a new and horrifying plan for dealing with mutants. Lock them all in camps. Execute them. Put them in labs to find out what makes them tick. As yet, the most extreme of these have all been shot down -- publically, anyway.

Though it is kept extremely quiet and government involvement kept even moreso, the past years have seen a quiet rise in mutant disappearances. Some resurface, eventually, some do not, but stories have trickled out of mutants taken off to laboratories, locked away for months or years of grueling experimentation. Perhaps someone is trying to weaponize them, perhaps control them, perhaps just find a way to nullify their powers; whatever the case, it is certainly true that these labs are out there, scattered in hidden locations and leaving quite a few mutants with a lifetime of nightmares, if they are lucky enough to get out.

Prometheus involves doctors and scientists of all stripes, and there is always room to work it into people's backstories (or future stories!), either as experimenter or experimentee. Contact Rasheed or Shane for all your mad scientist (or labrat) needs!

Prometheus has many associated adoptable NPCs, as well, although people are welcome and encouraged to make their own chars with Prometheus ties! NPCs associated with Prometheus can be found here.

A series of missing persons cases have ended with bodies being found again in various states of dismemberment. Word is quietly getting around in mutant communities that the murder victims have all been mutants, found with parts missing when they turn back up.

Contact Shane about bodysnatchers. @mail is best, or page Shane.

Around the city, people's dreams have been getting a little bit stranger -- and a little bit more real, with pieces of dreams seeming to manifest into reality upon waking. The entire city has been undergoing some pretty radical transformations -- to the delight of some and the consternation of city officials.

Contact Shane about dreaming. @mail is best, or page Shane.
A devastating disease swept New York in November of 2013. Originated by an escaped Promethean labrat with the power to manipulate pathogens, the disease was unlike any seen before -- transmitted through verbal communication and with increasingly bizarre symptoms. Though its initial stages present as flulike symptoms, later stages affect cognition and ability to communicate as well as stimulating abnormal levels of rage and aggression. In its final stages the disease is fatal, though those who die of it reanimate, corpses largely mindless and hungry flesh-eaters.

The disease killed nearly a tenth of New York City's population, triggering enormous waves of impact economically throughout the world. Though a cure has now been found, the disease itself has not been eradicated, cases of it sprinkled worldwide.

Zombie related logs can be found here. Contact Shane or Hive if you have any questions regarding the zombie disease.
Battle for Harlem

Following a jailbreak by the Brotherhood of a number of prisoners held in a special mutant wing of Sing Sing, the police attempted to apprehend one of the escaped prisoners. The ensuing chase ended with the young woman being assisted by several members of a mutant motorcycle gang. The resultant fight ended with the deaths of several of the police and one of the motorcycle gang; afterwards, the group took shelter in a neighborhood church. The sympathetic pastor willingly harbored them, and eventually the church grew into a sort of refuge for fugitive mutants and mutants with nowhere else to go.

Predictably, it ended in flames.

From Grover's Mill all the way to the NYC underground, giant insects keep popping up all over the place. Is it a new phenomenon? Is it a rogue mutant gone mad? Or are humans not the only species undergoing mutations?

Grover's Mill is a smoking husk. But NYC is jumping with giant insect activity.

Contact Cage if you have a particular scene in mind regarding the big bugs, or if you want to join in on a posted event. And be sure to check the Them! TP page for all the latest news and updates.
The unofficial side project of a small group of NYPD police officers, this mutant fight ring stole likely mutants to pit them against each other in gladiator-style fights. Often to the death. With high ticket prices, large betting pools, and secure pay-to-view webstreams that for /some/ reason law enforcement has had no luck tracking down, it was certainly a lucrative project for all involved. Except, really, their combatants.

A short while after the rescue, the NYPD's mutant death ring was exposed by Tony Stark and Jackson Holland, sparking outrage and leading to a more general distrust of the NYPD. It did not help the already strained relations between the NYPD and mutants.

Thunderdome related logs can be found here. Contact Shane with any questions pertaining to Thunderdome and its aftermath!