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Throw all your hell towards the heavens

xxxxx Brash and bold and loud, Ryan has been disappeared from the world once and doesn't plan to let it happen again. He wears his notoriety like armor, a cheerfully in-your-face shield that -- doesn't, really, let him flip off the government and yell about mutant rights with impunity. But no matter how many times they throw him in jail, now, at least, they're stopping shy of outright killing him. He'll take that as a win.


xxxxxTall and wiry-toned, Ryan sports grey-green eyes and a messy crop of dark hair around his deep tan face. His features are clean-cut, a strong jaw, high cheekbones, a quick and warm smile, though he breaks up his boy-next-door look with a sprinkling of piercings through ears and lip and eyebrow and a few brightly noticeable tattoos -- a weaving of branches and leaves from a ginkgo plant sleeving his right arm to the elbow, an outline of the chemical structure of adrenaline by his right wrist, a treble clef by his left.


xxxxxAnyone who doesn't live under a rock has probably at the very least heard Ryan's name, and those even passingly in tune with pop culture are likely to recognize him when they see him. A well-established star in the music world, his debut album was met with wild critical acclaim and topped the charts since its release; his shows sell out routinely, and he is the only second artist in history to win all the general field Grammys in a single night -- following which he outed himself as a mutant on stage in his acceptance speech.

He cheerfully and deliberately cultivates his rebel image; brashly outspoken about leftist issues, once in the news for missing a show due to spending the night in jail after punching a neonazi in the face at a Black Lives Matter protest (the footage has been turned into a common reaction gif). The paparazzi likes to call him a bad boy; he says he's just passionate.


xxxxxRyan's life history changes blithely with the telling if it; he makes up stories both plausible and farfetched to anyone who asks much about his life. What is widely and publicly known is that he's the son of a Baptist preacher from Down South, he got his start in folk music before hitting it big.


xxxxxEmpathic audiokinesis. Generates and manipulates sound, manipulates people through sound.


xxxxxSinging, playing violin/guitar/keyboard, making a spectacle of himself, snark.



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And everything in between

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  • His fans commonly refer to themselves as Blackbirds
    • Yes, there is no end of four-and-twenty references among individual fan groups
    • When they're being particularly troublesome or aggressive en masse it's also common to refer to them as Blackguards.
  • The day of Captain America's coming out wasn't the first time Trump threatened him on Twitter -- that happened a couple years earlier, the day Ryan's follower count passed Trump's own.
  • Has a tattoo of the chemical structure of adrenaline near his right wrist, a treble clef near his left, and a weaving of gingko leaves and branches sleeving his right upper arm.
  • Well known to be BFFs with his partner in crime Jackson Holland.
  • There are many and frequent gossip page rumors about all the people he's probably sleeping with (generally assumed to be most anyone he'd seen hanging out with.) He generally neither confirms nor denies.
  • Known to be vegan, an anarchist, and loudly outspoken on a range of leftist issues as well as frequently throwing his monetary support behind them.
  • Despite being quite openly bisexual and speaking about it plainly on many occasions, including writing it into several songs and being quite direct about dating people of all genders, media frequently refers to him as "a strong ally to the LGBT community" when he is at fundraisers, Pride events, etc.

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Montgomery Ryan Black
Codename None
Birthdate August 22, 1990
Birthplace Louisiana
Species Mutant
Affiliation Citizens
Alignment Loud
Powers Audiokinesis and empathy
Occupation Rock Star
Registration Status Unregistered
Played By Sebastián Yatra
RP Hooks
Notorious - Ryan isn't just famous for a mutant, he's really famous. His music and media presence has been such that most people who follow pop culture at ALL will almost certainly recognize him, and even people who don't are likely to be familiar with some of his songs."
Wild Child - Sex, drugs, rock and roll? Ryan is not above living down to some stereotypes... a lot. If you want the hookups for all the best parties or are into a wild night out, you might well run into him.
Role Model - For better or worse, often has young queer kids or Latinx kids or mutant kids excited that One Of Theirs has made it big. Very protective and solicitous of The Youth, though his advice is prooobably to be taken with a heap of salt.
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