From X-Men: rEvolution

You don't want to hear the story
of my life, and anyway
I don't want to tell it, I want to listen

to the enormous waterfalls of the sun.

And anyway it's just the same old story-
a few people just trying,
one way or another,
to survive.

Mostly, I want to be kind.

- Mary Oliver, from New and Selected Poems

xxxxxSarah is fair skinned, has green eyes, and pixie cut hair dyed in watercolor shades of lavender, baby blue and cotton candy pink. Even in her early twenties, she tops out at a whopping five foot, one and a half inches. The half inch is very important. What she lacks in height, she makes up for with her own particular brand of style that she calls 'Twee Punk' or 'punk with added color and sunshine.'


xxxxxEven though the world can be rough, Sarah believes that if you put Good out, you'll get Good back in the end. Somewhat shy and reserved while first getting to know people, Sarah is a truly kind and good soul who would do anything to make sure that her friends and family are happy. Sometimes that means she forgets to do stuff for herself.


xxxxxThe second child born to a poor family in a poorer Nebraska town, to say Sarah's parents were neglectful would be the politest way of putting it. Her older sister Angie received the physical abuse, while Sarah was ignored by her parents and practically raised by Angie. They ended up running away from what could loosely be called a home in their teens, after Sarah's powers manifest.

A few towns over, at an all-night diner, the pair ran into a waitress that had a daughter close to their age. The waitress and her daughter, named Sage and Rayne respectfully, became their unofficial foster family, taking them in. The new family bounced around from state to state, working jobs over and under the table to make ends meet.

Jump to the present. Sage has passed, Rayne and Angie are married, and Sarah has come to New York City to find a place for them to stay. She's the one most responsible with money, after all (along with having the best credit and the cleanest record.) What could go wrong?


xxxxxSarah can "animate" any lifeforms in a 2D image that a person has created by hand (drawings, paintings, etc.) Her power only works on handmade creations, not on photos or drawings that were printed out. By touching a drawing, she can create an illusion of any lifeforms inside the drawing, pulling it into 3D space. The illusions do not have mass and cannot physically interact with anything; they also have varying degrees of "sentience."

For example, if Sarah were to animate a pair of stick figures to have a Stick Figure Ballet, she would have to lead the stick figures through the dance herself. However, if she somehow ended in the Louvre, was allowed to touch the Mona Lisa with bare hands, and had (many) fewer ethical concerns about "creating" a person, the illusion of Mona Lisa would be able to talk on her own, and most likely, argue with anyone talking to her. As far as Sarah can tell, it all depends on the detail and intricacy of the drawing or painting itself.

The animations stay in a close range of their art piece of origin, though "close" is relative to their size; stick figures stay within a few tiny steps of their Spots, while realistically painted birds will flutter and hop a few feet from their canvas, and so on. When Sarah is done with them, they return to the blank spot they left on the paper/canvas/etc. How long they can be around depends on their size and complexity; the smaller and less detailed they are, the less energy it takes to keep them going, the longer they can be around. The larger and more detailed they are, it's the exact opposite. Any prolonged use will leave Sarah in varying degrees of sleepiness.


xxxxxArtistic Talent - At first used as a form of escape, Sarah soon learned that she had an innate talent for art. It may be a part of her powers that manifested very early, but that's only a theory Sarah has. Colored pencils are her preferred medium.

Baking - Cooking in general became a hobby for Sarah soon after being taken in by Sage, but quickly turned into a love of baking. Once it became clear that Sarah could sell the cookies and other baked goods she made to make a little extra money on the side, it lit a fire under her (pun very much intended) and while she won't have her own cake show on TV anytime soon, she's had her decorated cookies and cakes sold in various small mom and pop shops across the country.



  • Angie (NPC) - Older sister, oldest supporter. Mega queer, mega charming, mega mess.
  • Rayne (NPC) - Sister-in-law. Angie's voice of reason. General voice of anger. Best friend.


  • Coming Soon
  • Draws people for $. Sometimes she forgets about the $ part.
  • Willing to feed anyone she ever meets.
  • Recently got into activism and protesting.
Sarah Obenhaus
Codename None
Birthdate 03/28/1996
Birthplace Nebraska
Species Mutant
Affiliation None
Alignment Kind and Good
Powers "Animating" handmade 2D art into 3D illusions
Occupation Freelance Artist; Barista at Montagues; Assistant Baker at Flour Power
Registration Status (currently n/a)
Faceclaim Stefania Ferrario
RP Hooks
Be the Nice Person - Need help with something? Sarah is always willing to lend a hand.
Art is Life - Sarah has a sketchbook and her pencil case with her 95% of the time.
RP Hook - Explanation.
RP Hook - Explanation.
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