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Karin Glucksburg

“Awesome quote here.”
-- Person who quoted

"Awesome quote here."
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"Awesome quote here."
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"Awesome quote here."
-- Person who quoted


Date of Birth: 2006-03-15
Apparent Age: Early Teens
Occupation: Student

RP Hooks:

Xavier's Kids

Resident and student at the academy. Actually likes the classroom.

One Good Arm

One limply set under clothes.

Karen or Karin?

No one seems to get it right. No one gets corrected.


What We Know:

Mutation: Liquifies metal on contact with skin, becomes solid mass again when contact is broken. The effect is inconvenient, but not directly hazardous. Small quantities initially, but larger amounts with prolonged contact.

Disability: Wears her left arm in a sling beneath her clothing. Scar in left shoulder suggests gunshot.

Disposition: Quiet, not very talkative. Becomes more withdrawn on the subject of her past, mutation, and permanent injury. Seldom speaks to authority unless directed to. Some exceptions.

Past: Promethean. More than a year spent within.



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