Character Concepts

From X-Men: rEvolution

Check here if you're looking for ideas to get you started with creating a character. Our list of Wanted/Restricted concept may change over time as our game demographics shift.

On Mutations:

rEvolution is a low- to moderately-powered game, based on the more real-world feel of the X-Men movies rather than the comicverse. We stress story and character development far more than superpowers and action sequences. As such, mutations on this game are not at the same power level as mutations in the comic books. Many comic-canon characters will have to be powered down from their comic counterparts to fit in our theme. Also remember that characters do not necessarily start out as powerful as they will eventually become: younger characters should have time to grow and develop in their abilities. Plan ahead. Create milestones for your character's mutation growth. Keep in mind that you will never reach full Phoenix strength as Jean Grey: that kind of world-destroying power will not be approved by the staff. Also remember, having a mutation comes with downsides as well. Write limitations and side effects into your character's abilities. Remember that using mutations is exertion just like any other, and takes fuel and energy to maintain. Remember to keep those drawbacks in mind in the course of roleplay!

  • A note on Power Level: The general guideline we have been using for Upper Limits Of Powerfulness when it comes to mutation is: if you cannot find two other active PCs on grid who could team up and defeat your character, your char is probably too strong. This still allows for a lot of flexibility in the powers-range without creating anyone who is too game-breaking. We currently have a large range of powers, anywhere from completely combat-weak to distinctly more combat-oriented, and browsing character pages using this as a guideline should help ensure that, if you are going for a more powerful character type, they do not get too over-the-top.

Wanted Concepts

These are suggestions for characters we'd really love to see some of on grid!

  • Ordinary Unpowered Humans!
  • Antagonists/Villains.
  • People who hold anti-mutant sentiments (both on the everyday uncomfortable-with-them-going-to-school-with-my kids end of the spectrum to the Friends of Humanity terrorist end of the spectrum)
  • Adult Xavierites -- Xavier's teachers, and especially X-Men.
  • Morlocks
  • Activists, Politicians, and other people who love America. Or hate it, you terrorist.


These character types are not restricted or banned overall; we just have a good number of them on-grid already. New applications incorporating these ideas should consider whether or not to incorporate concepts that already exist in large number in the active population of PCs. We do not keep this list as a disincentive; consider that traits in common with other characters can be a character hook as well!

  • Artists (Visual, i.e. painters, illustrators, etc.)
  • Violinists
  • Fencers
  • Psionic powers (powers that affect the mind -- e.g., telepathy/empathy. Other mental-derived powers sometimes included under psionic such as telekinesis do NOT count, for our purposes -- only powers that affect mental status.)
  • Winged characters
  • Teleportation
  • Shapeshifters
  • Wallcrawling
  • Chromokinetics
  • Healing Factors


These character types are not banned, but for various reasons they can be more difficult to integrate into our game. Because of this, staff will be scrutinizing applications for these types more carefully, and it is highly recommended to discuss your character concept with staff first before applying to make sure your character can fit into our theme.

  • Leaders of a faction.
  • Having multiple characters in the same faction/affiliation ('Citizens' exempted.)
  • Mutations that manifest before puberty, with the exception of overt physical mutations (purple skin, tail, etc.) that are present from birth.
  • Characters with precognitive powers.
  • Characters with powers deriving from anything other than mutation.
  • Characters with extreme levels of wealth or power.
  • Characters with split or multiple personalities.
  • Characters younger than high-school age.
  • Technopathy.
  • Orphans.
  • Amnesia.
  • Secret Government Labs doing experimental research on mutants. (Exemptions: Weapon X and Prometheus)


These are concepts that do not fit into our theme. For that reason, applications including these concepts will not be approved.

  • Time travel.
  • Reality manipulation.
  • Magic users.
  • Aliens.
  • Characters from non-Marvel canons.
  • Celebrities from the real world.
  • Original Characters whose backstories are heavily dependent on Marvel canon Characters.