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Not Quite 911
Dramatis Personae

Iolaus, Jackson


Jax calls for backup. (Part of Prometheus TP.)



Iolaus's phone rings. Late at night on Thursday. Or very early in the morning on Friday, depending on how you look at it. It's Jax's cell. Ringring.

It makes it almost all the way to voicemail before a click from the other end signifies that someone has, finally, answered. "Hello?" It is Iolaus, voice clouded by sleep. "I'm not on-call tonight. Page Doctor McAndrews."

"I don't know who that is," Jackson answers. He sounds a little worn. A little bemused.

There is a pause, and the voice is confused. "Jackson?" There is a shuffling of fabric in the background, and when he next speaks, his voice is clearer. "Jackson." This might be reminding himself. "Sorry, I thought you were the hospital. What's up?"

"I'm sorry to call like this. I need your help." For once, Jackson /doesn't/ actually sound like he's apologizing for existing. He doesn't actually sound like he's apologizing at all, though his tired voice is polite enough. But firm, too, rather than his usual over-apologetic.

"Yeah, yeah, of course. What's up, Jackson?" Iolaus asks, a note of concern in his voice. There are various sounds in the background, shifting, shuffling. The sound of air moving around the microphone. The sounds of dressing - or undressing - over the phone, it is not easy to tell.

"I've got some people who need help. In the emergency kind of way. Do you know any doctors who could help?" There are noises in the background. People talking. An intercom paging, cleanup in aisle seven. "We're bringing them to the school."

"What kind of emergency? And how many?" Iolaus says. A door opens, and the sound, somewhat muffled, of, Iolaus talking to someone else. "Daniel, wake up and get ready to go."

"There's --" Jackson pauses, for a moment, perhaps thinking, perhaps checking in. "Somewhere around twenty, with varying degrees of trauma."

Iolaus makes a murmur of acknowledgement and the sound of scribbling can be heard. "Alright." A pause. "I think I can get you a couple. Maybe the surgeon that worked on Jim before, and a couple others. But if I bring them to the school, it is going to be a whole lot of questions." he says, hesitating. "And they don't have an operating room at the school. Maybe it would be better to bring them to the ER at Mount Sinai."

"We -- we can't bring them to a hospital," Jax says, cautiously. "It'll be fine. With the school. It's just kind of a rough situation."

There is silence on the other end for several moments until Iolaus speaks once more. "Alright. Let me see what I can do. I'll be there myself in an hour, hopefully with some others."

"Thank you," Jackson says. "I appreciate it. More than you know."

"I will call Doctor McCoy and let him know you are on the way. When are you arriving?"

"It should be about an hour." Jackson manages to infuse some warmth into his voice. "See you -- soon."

"See you." The phone clicks off.