From X-Men: rEvolution
The most powerful weapon on earth
Emilia "Ember" Adams
is the human soul on fire.


Her hair is white. Not highlighted blonde, or the silvering of age, but the chalk-white secondary to serious bleach abuse. Or albinism. Whichever. A fringe of bangs shadows her forehead and eyes, with the rest of the mane left in choppy layers that fall to mid back. Her skin is almost as light as her hair, but with the careful use of eye liner and painted lips, she manages to avoid true pallor. Her eye color varies with the light, ranging from honey bright to a dark amber, with the usual emphasis of eyeliner and dark shadowing. A heart shaped face lends the girl a fae appearance, with a tipped chin, full lips, and large eyes. Her nose is straight, with a narrow silver hoop in the left nostril.

Standing an inch or so over five feet, the rest of the youth's frame is similarly undersized. Her build is narrow, though considering she seems to favor baggy clothing, only her face and hands can used as much of a gauge. Clothing is invariably layered -- a variety of tanks, waffle-weave shirts, and hoodies -- and when able, normal pants are traded out for fleece or yoga-style sweats. Oh, and there are usually fuzzy socks. The warm kind.


Ember's "normal" body temperature is 103 F. Warm handshakes.

Perpetually cold. Layered clothing. Fingerless gloves. Blankets.

Endless supply of kitschy hoodies and fleece pajama pants.


Karin: Dorm buddy. The rest is TBD.

Peter: I boiled his coolant. On accident.

Shane: Shark #1. Does not approve of hysterics.

Sebastian: Shark #2. Too nice for his own good.

Ross: Grape Kool-Aid. Psychotic.

Karolina: RAINBOW BRITE. That's enough.

More coming soon.